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     HF Portable - Mobile - Emergency Communications.
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  • Vertex VX-1210 HF manpack transceiver owners and service personnel only
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    HFpack is the International Resource for Amateur Radio HF Portable - Mobile - Emergency Communications - Ham Radio Information Exchange - Nets - Ionospheric Propagation.
    HFpack provides an information exchange about transceivers, antennas, systems, High Frequency communications, QRP, HF packs, propagation, EMCOMM, new developments and
    techniques in VHF and HF portable operation. Radio Amateurs are invited to participate in HFpack group forums and on-the-air nets around the world.
    HFLINK is the International Resource for HF ALE Automatic Link Establishment - Ionospheric Propagation Research - High Frequency Communications - Emergency Communications.

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    About HFpack: However you spell it, HF pack H.F. Pack H-F pack or HF-pack, HFpack is all about: High Frequency Portable transceivers and HF portable antennas, HF antennas, portable HF antennas. HF SSB/CW/Data. Amateur commercial marine. Handhelds backpacks, carry-ons, HF pack manpacks. Pedestrian and Human Powered Mobiles. Manual and automatic antenna tuning. The HF Portable Antenna is a critical part of the HF portable amateur radio station. HFpack helps operators to choose the right antennas. QRP is an important aspect in HFpack for equipment and antennas. Telescopic tape folding and collapsible antennas, dipole, broadband hf vertical antennas. These are the things that make HFpack an interesting part of the HF operator's resources.  Battery solar crank alternative energy power supplies. Compact lightweight miniature equipment. Handsets headsets microphones earphones keyers. Low power TX/RX techniques. Portable amplifiers. Hiking camping bicycling kayaking and expeditions.