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14342.5 kHz USB
14346.0 kHz USB
18157.5 kHz USB
18117.5 kHz USB
NVIS / Evening
5363.0kHz USB
5371.5kHz USB
5403.5kHz USB
VHF FM Simplex
144.300 MHz
PL tone=151.4
51.000 MHz
PL tone=151.4

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Article: Kachina MP-25 Scientific Radio Systems SR-MP-25 HF SSB Manpack Radio

Article: Icom IC-F8101

Article: Icom IC-F7000

New! The HFpack Forum is now on Groups.io

HFpack Eyeball QSO Rally and Portable Pedestrian Mobile Net at Hamvention

At 1:15 pm local time on Saturday at the Hamvention in Xenia, HFpackers will be on the air for the HFpack Portable Pedestrian Mobile Net. Operators from all around converge on the HFpack Eyeball QSO Rally. For over a decade, HFpack enthusiasts continue to make this the largest gathering of active HF backpack operators in the world. ZOOM: HFpack Hamvention Xenia Map

HFpack Annual Eyeball QSO Rally at Dayton
At the annual event in May, the members of the HFpack Portable Pedestrian Mobile Net fire up their HF pack radios again at Dayton Hamvention, for an event that has become internationally known among ham radio operators as the largest gathering of HF backpack operators in the world.

The HFpack Email-Web Forum Has Moved to Groups.io
 HFpack started 20 years ago and currently has about 11000 members. Our email/web forum has more than 50,000 message postings with hundreds of files and photos in its archives. The forum began using the eGroups server in 2000, then moved to Yahoo Groups, and now we are using Groups.io

During the migration process, you will receive an email from groups.io to set you up on the new server.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the HFpack forums.

-Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA
HFpack Founder and Co-Moderator


HFpack 10,000 Members...
Will they gawk at your backpack?
Did you know there are several great nets every portable operator can check into on Saturday afternoon at the Dayton Hamvention? Ever worked a bunch of ancient 80meter AM phone HTs? How about classic mil FM 6meter packsets? Enjoy the fun, with the rest of the HFpack group while walking around the flea market on Saturday... Mark KI0PF gives you the inside scoop, in this next article.
Operating the Hamvention Saturday Afternoon
Pedestrian & Portable Nets

an article by
Mark Francis KI0PF
HFpack Net Control
and author of the book:
Mil Spec Radio Gear by Mark Francis KI0PF
12:00 Noon is the AM Net on 3885kc AM.
.. Any radio is okay, as long as the mode is good olde Amplitude Modulation. Vintage military gear (any country of origin) is especially appreciated. Joe WA4VAG will be Net Control, operating from his space (usually 3415). After the QSO, gather at his space for pix and ratchet-jawing. Those of you who are /PM (pedestrian mobile) during any of these nets, please try not to converge on the net control gathering spot until after the net check-ins are done [spread out... try walking around the flea market during the net] Mass de-sensing is not the object here :)
At 1:15PM of course, the HFpack Net is on 18157.5kc USB with Net Out-Of-Control yours truly for this one! If we happen to get hammered by QRM (you never know -- the bands are getting better), we'll use the alternate of 18117.5 USB.
At 2:30PM the Cold War Net is on 51.0Mc/s FM. Wideband or narrowband, we'll figure it out. Net control will be John K9WT. This net is primarily for military FM sets (any country of origin) from the Cold War period. Any radio that can hit 51.000MHz on 6 meters with an understandable sig is welcome [such as FT-817, IC-703, or HTs], and the older FM mil stuff is always appreciated.  Meet back at Joe's spot (around 3415) afterwards for yet more pix and swapping of lies if yer batteries (camera, radio, and tall-tale) haven't gone kaput by this time.
73 - Mark KI0PF

HFpack Welcomes All New HF Operators
We are now witnessing one of the largest increases in HF portable operators in ham radio history in the past 50 years. The number of hams trying out portable HF is growing rapidly. This is the start of a huge boost to a new generation of  HF amateur radio operators... breathing new life into amateur radio for 2012!

Many operators and new hams have expressed their joy in finally being able to join the ranks of HFpack on HF, and are planning to take the tests for higher licenses. In the longstanding Amateur Radio and HFpack tradition, experienced HF ops will help and encourage our new wave of HF operators. Let's all show a wholehearted HFpack welcome... on the HF bands, on QRS CW, and with Elmer help on the group forums. Let's make 2009 a great year of growth for HFpack and ham radio!

HFpack Antenna Shootouts

HF Portable Antennas are a big part of the HFpack scene. The HFpack HF Portable Antenna Shootouts compare a variety of HF antennas for maximum gain and performance in the typical HF Portable Antenna environment, applicable to QRP and QRO power levels. The HFpack Antenna Shootouts have become a standard benchmark for HF portable and QRP operators. HFpack is dedicated to furthering the state of the art for portable HF antennas and communications. For the QRP antenna ham operator, it is important to get the maximum signal radiated. Also, for QRO emergency portable operations, the antenna efficiency for a small antenna that can be set up on site is crucial to dependable HF and NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) regional communications. A pedestrian antenna is an antenna that may be carried easily and set up quickly by the operator. The HFpack Pedestrian Shootouts measured pedestrian HF antenna systems to a fraction of a decibel, and the reports are presented as a service to radio operators around the world. Read more...
Mark KI0PF Award for 10 Years of Service Net Control and Organizer, HFpack Pedestrian Mobile NetHFpack Portable Pedestrian Mobile Net Dayton 2012
Mark Francis KI0PF Receives Award for 10 Years of Service
The voice of Mark KI0PF/PM is well known to all operators on the HFpack calling frequencies. Mark has been running the HFpack Portable Pedestrian Mobile Net at Dayton for 10 years, and he was awarded a certificate of appreciation for his service. Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA, founder of HFpack, was on hand to present the award, amidst a cheering group of HFpack members and /Pedestrian Mobile operators.
HFpack at Hamvention: 18157.5 kHz USB

Pacificon HFpack Zombie Flash Mob
HFpack Zombie Walk at Pacificon
Annual Event: The HFpack Zombies at Pacificon in Silicon Valley California
Saturday Night Late... in the dead of the night!
40 meters SSB
"Who knows what lurks in the backpacks of Pedestrian Mobiles ?"
- Ken Chong WB6MLC  HFpack Events Coordinator

Report: HFpack Pacificon

Details of what happened at HFpack  PACIFICON at the Marriott Santa Clara • Santa Clara, California... As usual, the freqs: HFpack intercom, 144.300 FM Simplex PL151.4 and the HFpack pedestrian mobile HF calling on 18157.5kHz USB were very active. On Friday 14 October the HFpack Annual "No Host Dinner" was held at Bennigans on Great America Parkway with NorCal QRP. The event was arranged by James Bennett KA5DVS. At 1PM on Saturday 15 October, a presentation at the HFpack Forum, "Portable Magnetic Loop HF Antennas" with a Demo was given by Eric Noris WD6DBM. At 2PM Saturday 15 October, the presentation, "Elecraft KX3 and HFpack Lite" was given by by Wayne Burdick N6KR of Elecraft.

At 8PM to Midnight Saturday 15 October, the NorCal QRP & HFpack Zombie Apocalypse Night and Hanging Eye Ball QSOs happened, with Vendors, Auction, Show & Tell, and a presentation "Zombie 101 hints " and "How to be a Zombie /PM" was given by Ken Chong WB6MLC. Saturday Night Zombie Apocalypse walking in the dark net was on 40 meters SSB this year, with many pedestrian mobiles roaming the grounds of the event venue with large and dangerous-looking antennas!

Ancient Psychic Propagation Predictions came true in 2010-2014!
Back in 2009, what was predicted for our future? Read on... 
by Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA

My prediction visionary credentials are humble; as an oracle, I carry the burden of The Transmission Of The Esoteric High Frequency Dharma, having been passed down to me in secret ceremonies through the unbroken lineage of Great HF Oracles, witnessed by The Ancient Order Of The High Frequency Nuns, in the innermost faraday anechoic chambers of the exalted stone observatory overlooking the ionosphere.

For Year 2010 I henceforth predict...

Good News for Solar Cycle 24
In our great and long HF journey of lifetimes... having passed our darkest hour in March 2009; having dwelt in the deepest chasm of the second valley of the bottom of Olde Sol 23; from this point into future years of four; we shall venture upward on the Slope of Flux!

Joy and Relief in March-May 2010
We shall climb the steep steps of the Mountain Of New Sol 24 together, with ever greater momentum and strength. By the moon of April 2010 we shall reach the average Solar Flux heights of 80 or more! The Fast Tiger of the east shall rise and pounce gracefully upon the waves of 18MHz, yielding a time of spring health among the Strong Portables and Quick Mobiles; The Pedestrians shall play in the meadow again. With each sunset and sunrise, The Pack shall rejoice in the DX of Higher Frequencies, taking leaps and bounds on the trail of double hop. The Guardians of The Towers shall open The High Gates of Ten Metres; The Pedestrians shall tread softly on the sand of the beach in the realm of The Giants of Twenty.

Uncertainty in June-August 2010
By July 2010, the Feeble Bear of the summer west shall obscure the gains of the previous moons; The Portables shall quest for more DX; yet few sweet drops of the Elixir of Great Propagation shall satiate their thirst. Driven from the Highest Bands, The Portables shall again wander the land, seeking nourishment from 14MHz short hops, and taking flight with The Fleeting Bird of trans-equatorial 21MHz multi-hops. In the midst of despair, The Great Clouds Of The Sporadic-E shall unexpectedly appear over the fields, irrigating the planet with ions; strong and powerful voices shall grow, with even the Weakest Of Watts being rewarded on 21MHz and higher!

Greatness in September-December 2010
The eager Fast Tiger shall devour the tired Weak Bear. By November 2010, the Warriors and Sages who fought so triumphantly in the Battle of the Plateau shall find victorious comfort in the multi-hop DX gardens of 14 to 24MHz. Having climbed past the Solar Flux of 90, The Pack shall bask in the light of propagation contentment, feasting daily on the green flora of 18MHz. Mobiles and Portables shall roam the hills, exploring even the peaks of 28MHz. Guardians Of The Towers shall breathe easier, having found solace running barefoot through the wide open 5MHz and 7MHz bands; they shall turn their beams on 21MHz; they shall chase the beast of Spectrum Maximus and slaughter whole bands with Split Rare DX Pileups. The Morsepounders and the Digirati shall seek freedom and fortitude in 10MHz throughout the night, and dream yea verily into the dawn of early morning! The Emcomms shall drink ALE from The Chalice Of The High Frequency.

Fullness Then Bleakness in Years 2011-2020
Year 2011 shall bring more health to The HF Dwellers. The Pack shall climb to reach the Sol 24 Mountain Peak and summit it in 2014; then light shall shine on all who venture forth into HF Wilderness. The mountain peak shall not overlook the summits of past quests. By 2019 the Sojourners of HF shall descend down the path, and shall wallow in the depths of a deep canyon once again. Only the strong and brave shall remain.

Incantation Quatrain of the HF Oracle
Solaris Minimus, Mega Hertzus;
Solaris Maximus, Radiati Potentius!
Longitudis Latitudus, Saltus Aqua Ampliphius;
Altus Frequencius, Ionospheri Reflectus!

...and so it was written, by her hand, on 17 December 2009.
Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA, Psychic Propagation Prognosticator

Meet the Moderators of HFpack Group
HFpack has become one of the largest fully-moderated groups of this kind in the world. It remains a high quality group because a team of skilled moderators makes it run smoothly and efficiently. Every day, the volunteer moderators read every message posted by members. They approve it, reject it, or clean it up before it goes out to the 8000+ members via email or the web. Moderators process new membership applications, and help members who are having problems with their messages or membership. Such a spammer-free and flame-free group would not be possible on the internet without the watchful eyes of these talented people. All of the moderators on the HFpack team possess a unique combination of technical expertise, HF portable radio knowledge, talent for writing/editing, and even-handed patience for interacting with people. Every moderator is also an active HF portable operator and radio enthusiast. We hope the new Meet the Moderators section of the HFpack website gives you a little insight behind the scenes, into the human beings that make HFpack Group an enjoyable experience.
Bonnie KQ6XA
"I founded HFpack wondering if 25 operators in the world might be interested in lightweight HF Portable. 65 joined the first day and..." read more
Bonnie KQ6XA

Ken N0VZ

"I first became interested in amateur radio as a means of emergency communications while hiking and four wheeling in the back country of..." read more
Ken N0VZ
"I became a DXer as KA7RF while stationed in Fukuoka, Japan. Now in Utah, USA, my portable activity even includes HF
Snowshoe Mobile and..." read more
Sasi VK5SN

“Starting out as VU3SNM in India, my work as a marine biologist has since taken me all over the world for remote HF portable on islands and..."
read more
Sasi VK5SN
John K6ERO

“My first DX was Venezuela on 6 meters Pedestrian Mobile with an old FT-690RII at 2 Watts! From that point, I was hooked. I got into HF military packsets as...” read more
John K6ERO
Budd W3FF
Backup Moderator

"My main interest is modular portable antennas. I've been operating HF walking portable for many years, and joined HFpack when..."
read more
Budd W3FF

Oliver KB6BA
Hall of Fame Curator

“As an avid trail hiker, I began taking radio gear to hilltops, my Portable HF activity increased when I had HFpack friends to talk with while...” read more
Oliver KB6BA


  HFpack Events Director 2001-2016

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